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I'm here to solve a crime!

Well if you are like me you are sick and twisted and love to watch movies and tv shows about crime and how it was done and how they caught them. I know I'm crazy but look in the mirror you are to but that will be our little secret. I was asked to review a game by my favorite gaming company Mega Cat Studios and it was Darkside Detective: A fumble in the dark. If you are into the 8 bit games and you love a good challenge this is the game for you, we sometimes go to crazy looking for the graphics in games and the open world but forget that sometimes simple is better. This game reminds me a lot of the time of when I was growing up playing this style of game on my 75mhz Pc that my day bought in the late 80's.

Its was a time to be alive back then a lot of games on multiple floppy disks and a terrible internet that if someone picked up the phone you lost your internet connection...…..HEY WHO PICKED UP THE PHONE IM PLAYING A GAME...…

But the games back then made you use your brain more than your hand and eye coordination so you played different there was no real internet or gaming pages to give you a walk through it was you and your buddies or just you and hours of time starring at a screen going WTF AM I MISSING HERE! This game brought me right back to that feeling being stuck on a screen and going … Holy Shit how did I miss that. The small wins on these games are better than any battle royal win you will ever get. The game comes from a company called Spooky Doorway and they did great, easy to understand and easy to get into I was already trying to solve my first crime and I was into it. I had my side kick with me Marijuana and we were unstoppable. Before I knew it an Hour had flown by and I was still starring at the screen into the 8bit world which I grew up with.

This game is a point and click game with a lot of reading so if you cant read might not be the game for you but if you love to solve crimes and want something simple and easy to connect with this is the game.

Below is the links on how to get your hands on this beauty.

And a big thanks to Mega Cat Studios for letting me check out the game.

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