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Deep Rock Galactic

Claustrophobic!!!! That's pretty much how I felt the whole time I was playing and I didn't think I was claustrophobic at all.

The game was very surprising I was not expecting what I downloaded and I wasn't upset about that it was a nice change and I got to look into a game that was not just about being about the game but about working with your friends and having fun at the same time...I'll explain.

When I started up the game the first thing I noticed is no lag and lots of colors, when I went to press start I though I could go look around at the menus and all the settings but NO!.

That is not what happened it launched me right into the game and I was blown away no game does that anymore and I was super pumped.

The game is about mining and collecting material and setting up oil pump and really anything you can think about collecting resources. But with a twist Aliens everywhere and lots of guns and lots of beer.... yes I said beer I'll also explain that.

When you start the game you start in you club house getting ready to go mining, you get to choose from 4 different characters with all different abilities and all are upgradeable and this also means you can rank up your character with clothes and weapons and yes you can unlock more beer...I'm getting to the beer hold on! So in the club house this is where you can can pick you mission, play with the jukebox or even play a mini game if you want to along with lots of other things to unlock like beer... Yes Beer finally so when you play and you are mining you can find different beers and these beers are perks that you can drink before you start your mission which makes it easier or it can make it alt more hard. AND YES YOU CAN GET DRUNK AND PLAY A MISSION.

I don't want to give away much more but if you like a game with a lot of cool team interaction and fun with your buddies this is it and you can grind on it so it doesn't feel like your doing this all for nothing, I'm not gonna tell you about the kickass things the trolls say I'll let you all figure that out fr yourself but I do suggest it, I found it on Game Pass on Xbox so if you have that go check it out and let me know what you thought!

Here is the link to the live action review.

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