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Doom, Do you even know evil?

Doom Eternal by Bethesda Softworks This was a blast from the past and they nailed it!!! This was what doom should feel like Hell and death and blood and chainsaws..................I might even say this is the Ultimate Doom Experience it did not disappoint.

The menus are very easy to use and navigate through and over each setting there is a description of what the setting does, this is a great option that most games fail to do they expect us to know. Not in this case, when I first started I was gonna go crazy and play it on MEGA SUPER HARD....... then I realized its DOOM and that is not the best way to start one of these games.

These games where designed to already challenge you on lower levels of difficulty the reason for the harder levels is to challenge yourself after you know what the game is about. Trust me its going to be tough on the harder levels, I started on the 2nd level of difficulty and it was great almost died a few times while still feeling the challenge and having fun the whole time.

The Game play is great controls are smooth and the sound is great everything you would expect from this series. After beating the first level I realized I could have done so much more but that's what I was talking about earlier that's for the 2nd pass through the game. Doom was created for the feeling of a Hellish battle with endless guns and bullets and it did not disappoint.

I would love to tell you more but I don't want to wreak it. Go check it out while its in the Game pass store now or check out this video review to see for yourself.

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