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Don't drop the soap!!!!

Prison Architect Review by Introversion Software WOW WHAT A GAME !! This is how I need start this review, If you are like me there are certain games from our childhood that just never leave our minds for me it was SimCity. It was the game that was everywhere on pc when I was growing up, and the code we all knew to get more money by holding SHIFT and typing FUNDS.

Prison Architect is the big brother of SimCity in my opinion all the same old feelings of nostalgia with a new spin of building and taking care of a Prison and trust me anything can happen. I stumbled across this game on sale for $6.00cdn on steam because I wanted to try something new and well the game looked amazing and visually, I was hooked. There are a few learning curves but really in any game these exist. Sometimes you get a project that you are building to freeze or a character gets stuck, but this is minor to all the other great additions this game has and I’m going to tell you what those are.

The game is built very similar to SimCity in the way of building and supplying power and water and following tasks that need to get done to get money and be successful. What SimCity doesn’t have that this game does is real people cause you real problems to deal with! From making sure they eating to making sure they don’t die after a prison riot, this game has everything and each character has his or hers own story…. That’s right I said hers too….you can build a full female prison as well. Overall the game is amazing and really easy to get sucked into and is on almost every platform, if you are like me and this type of game was your bread and butter growing up you will not be disappointed. If you would like to see more check out the video review in the link below Remember Snitches get Stitches!!!!!!

Game Review Video Click Here

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