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Wasteland or Waste of Time?

Wasteland 3 by inXile Entertainment, Deep Silver, Koch Media The funniest quote of the night when I was reviewing the game was " Wasteland more like Waste of Time" This is true and also false! Depends on which style of gamer you are. While for me it was not the experience I thought I was getting myself into I was about to be shown another world that I just don't like to live in but it was fun to visit.

Wasteland 3 actually started in 1988 as Wasteland 1 which at that time was probably ahead of its time with the depth the game could take you.

After a very long wait and the fans thinking they would never get another Wasteland in 2014 Wasteland 2 made its way to the front of the Rts games. But then again the game went dark until 2020 when Wasteland 3 finally made another appearance, and they tried to bring some new age flare by adding online play with a friend. To me an outsider of this world found the game to be slow and boring but and honestly for 2020 I was disappointed with the graphics and what they should have been able to do. Then I realized it wasn't made for me it was made for the fans of this cult classic and nothing more. The controls are not explained and the functions are also confusing but then again if you have played the 2 prior to this they built this for you and not me.

If you are new to this world I don not suggest to start with this game I am sure there are other Rts games for beginners that are better start with one of those. So for me I will say thank you game pass for letting me try this out without wasting my money on a game that just wasn't for me.

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