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We all have that Creepy Neighbour

Hello Neighbor by TinyBuild Games, Gearbox Software

What can I say about this game other than "CREEPY VIBES" This might be one of the smartest yet basic games that has more thrill than you average horror game for one reason......your own mind!!!! What I mean is that this game uses what you have learned in life to how you will view this game. For example I listen to a lot of serial killer pod cast... yes I know I am a weirdo we will cover that later.

Anyways so the game is about a kid who see's or thinks he see's his neighbor abduct another neighbor hood kid and lock him in the basement. What you then do is try to get in the house without him seeing you to get in that basement to find out what you saw and man you brain will make you think this neighbor is a real bad person. I don't want to wreak it cause its the shock value that sells the game. If you live in a world of roses this game will be boring. But if you understand how bad the world can be you own brain will hype up the experience. The game it self is easy to pick up and play the only thing that is a tough learning curve is you really want to try things to get past areas but you think the game would never make me do that.

Well it does try everything and anything, I was very into the game and found that with people with you or watching it can be really interactive with chat but by yourself I can see the novelty wear off.

I do suggest getting this game if you are into thrillers and mystery and of course if you can handle your own brain and how it can make you think.........and also you will never look at your neighbors the same way again.

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