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Grapefruit - HousePlant

Houseplant grapefruit is a refreshing cannabis-infused sparkling water with 2.5mg of THC.

This one of the best if not the best tasting marijuana infused drinks you can get that not only is a great chill high but it also taste great and even better if you chill it first.

Houseplant Cannabis is a Canadian company created by Seth Rogan and his longtime filmmaking (and smoking buddy) Evan Goldberg.

I will say the first time I had one of these I actually had 2 back to back because, I needed something to drink and at the time I only had 2 of these on me when we were out at a family event. I will tell you I was not let down, this was a great body high with a light head glow.

Overall it was a great experience that made me keep coming back for more and to be honest its one of the most purchased drinks in my opinion in Canada because its usually sold out all the time.

I know people might say there are better out there that are stronger...…. yadda yadda yadda.....

Its not always about how high you can get its about the experience and this drink does have it all.

Price point can vary from 7.50cdn to about 8.5cdn so very good for what you are getting and honestly its super cool that Seth Rogan is the face of the company with him a big part of the Marijuana Industry its just another reason to give this great drink a chance.

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