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Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms

Pink Kush…. Where did you come from lil buddy? Ohhh wait you come all the way from Vancouver Island up here in Canada. They do say the best bud does come from British Columbia lets put it to the test.

Pink Kush comes from a company called Pure Sun Farms; this strain is from the OG Kush family mixed with another strain that is unknown. It comes to us with 18.9% THC and 0.1% CBD and is a Hybrid 80/20 Indica dominate. As usual I will start with the packaging, most companies in Canada have switched to a bag that is like a Ziploc style. This is great for less packaging, but it should only be temporary in my opinion so off to the jar it goes. The Buds that came in the bag were very small in my opinion, but the smell was very strong out of the bag. To describe the smell, I would go with earthy tones and almost a light coffee type smell. Not the prettiest buds in the world but this could just be from the batch I got so until I get another bag in the future we will never know. I was suggested to get this by a friend because they do know that I am an Indica fan so with this being 80/20 hybrid with it being more Indica dominate this should work just fine. The smoke was heavy in my opinion and the smell was very generic like street weed. The flavor was not bad and was a bit harsh but after a few tokes it was going down smooth. For this session I went with a pipe but on the next session I will try it through a water bong packed in ice.

At first the session was standard, and the high was very light, but then it hit me! Talk about a creeper this hit me in the background without even a warning I was playing some games online and next thing you know I was in a haze. But it was a good haze I was in complete level 10 concentration mode and nothing could stop me. I noticed that through out the night I did not smoke as much as usual because the high stuck around for a long time. This was nice the quality if the plant definitely came out and from having small buds and bad packaging, I did not have high hopes……see what I did there HIGH HOPES…I think I’m funny and that all that matters. I would suggest this to any Indica fan but I would like to see what other brands have to offer for Pink Kush just to see…….

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