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Os.110 by Original Stash

Well I am not gonna lie I did buy this to try it for the design of the package!

This bag we got our hands on was the Hybrid coming in at 17-18.5% and it did the job. The mood was set and we had some work in the garage to do. So with a clean Billy Bong Thornton and some big ice cubes in the next we had no choice we had entered the DANGER ZONE!!! "imagine the song danger zone from Kenny Loggins is playing in the background"

As we pulled the hybrid out of its beautiful black bag we noticed that the buds are mid sized with a bit of bounce in there step. This was a nice change to see means either they move a lot in the store or this is quite new. Either way we had a bowl to pack and I still needed to find a lighter,

so we continued to bust this bad boy up with our Cheech grinder. This is when the aroma of the marijuana came out it was not powerful but a bit of a woodsy smell to it with darker looking green buds. Its was just the right consistence out of the bag. At this point I stood on the chair and yelled. " I FEEL THE NEED..THE NEED FOR WEED " It was on like donkey Kong! The Bong was the perfect choice for this afternoon even of cleaning my garage it stood no chance I was on a mission. The smoke was heavy just like how it made me feel I was not floating to the clouds I was heading right for the chair and I knew at this point the garage was not getting cleaned. I was ok with that because I found my old friend YouTube. I continued to smoke and fill the room with a dark more mysterious smell and a thick fog like of smoke just hanging out with me. I knew this one was a keeper, I continued the next hour looking for the holy grail of YouTube videos and guess what everything was great they all felt like the holy grail because my new friend had given me such a great couch high.

But then it ended and some would say " I lost that loving feeling" until next time my friend.

Ohhh there will be a next time and I do suggest you giving it a chance because its a great price and look forward to try more from Original Stash! I P.s I hear they have Hash as well Original Stash.... well played old man well played

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