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Jean Guy by Good Supply

Jean Guy...…..who comes up with these names really!!!!!! but this is not the first time I have put Jean Guy to my lips....wait that came out wrong... or did it anyway lets just get to the review. I bought and ounce of Jean Guy because of the price and also I have smoked it before and spoiler alert I really love it. You all know that I am a very big Indica lover and for some reason this little beauty came into my life because of an event I had to go to..... a wedding! I did not want to be that guy at the wedding the typical stoner that eats a crap load of wedding cake and talks to no one! I wanted to be different I wanted to dance and enjoy the wedding but at the same time be cooler than everyone there. Guess what I was cooler than everyone cause after the first joint everyone wanted to be my friend to smoke some and here is why its so great... Jean Guy come from Good Supply which came at a great price $130cdn for an ounce and that's great in my opinion with a 21% THC and 0.1% CBD which is fine by me. The packaging for the ounce is terrible a bag with a terrible zip lock bag style seal. I moved my whole ounce to a proper jar with humidity booster due to the weed being very dry. This would be unacceptable but I do love this strain, it is very up lifting and you feel very euphoric when you smoke it. This is just the start if you are looking to do a project that you need concentration this is not for you but if you have a job to do that you can listen to music and hammer out this is the strain for you. The music had to be light and full I used the Beatles and it did the trick great this time, I worked on cleaning the house and I was done in not time and never feeling like I wanted to hit the couch. At first glance and touch the weed out of the bag was very dry but this comes from poor packaging in my opinion. The bud where about the size or a quarter very dark green and little to no orange hairs. Light dusting of crystals and not to sticky to the touch, with a Lemon/Pine type of smell out of the bag. The smoke was light and did not burn to fast or harsh even though the weed was very dry coming out of the bag. The smoke had a light hint of citrus when burning and was not to harsh on my throat. The Strain hit me right away within a short time I was High and feeling great, also very hungry and ready to do something....I know a lot of different things going on there but I was ready to go. I suggest anyone that is looking to go have a great meal or go do some socializing with some friends then enjoy this strain cause it will do great. Medical it is great for your appetite and energy, I do suggest that if you struggle from anxiety this could make it a bit tough for you because of the mix of high Thc and energy the strain can produce . So be careful and remember you can always smoke more you cant take away what you have already smoked! This is one of my suggested brands so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do happy smoking friends!

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