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Review of Aurora Drift’s Daily Special

Aurora Drift’s Daily Special, Well at first, I'm used to buying the more expensive marijuana because I do like to see how the rich live sometimes......jk but really the packaging is what caught my eye because of this I wanted to try it. I usually get an Indica and yes it comes in both Indica and Sativa, but this time I went with the Sativa with it being rated at 16.5% THC count this should be a mild but enjoyable afternoon marijuana. So after opening the package the marijuana was very nice smelt fresh and had bounce still left in the bud! There was an moderate amount of crystals and a bit of orange hair but mostly green. Smell was great a bit fruity on the citrus side but mild ! Smoke was light and tasted clean, making it able to taste the citrus smell that hit me when I opened the package. This was a very uplifting high leaving me wanting to be creative or productive, with this being a sativa a did expect that and was looking forward to my afternoon with my kids playing with all their toys! Medical benefits of the marijuana would be very uplifting and a good pain reliver as I sit here and type this I had the dentist beat me up and this is taking the edge off nicely. I highly suggest!!!! not only for the price but the packaging and effects this is an all around great choice.

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