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Review of Sundial Strawberry Twist

Strawberry Twist …what a name...…but.....doesn't taste like strawberries, I know that's what you wanted to hear and trust me that's what I wanted too. But what I got was still not too bad and here is why. This is a Hybrid leaning more on the Indica side of things than the Sativa side and comes in around 15%-20% THC and 1% CBD. Looking forward to what should be a mellow high for the afternoon while I try to hold down my couch from flying away. The packaging is great, if you know me at all you will know that I love the way things look and how they work. So the package is great tight seal, great child proofing and stacks up nice for storage. When opening the package for the first time is was excited to see a boost pack in the container to keep the humidity for the marijuana stable. The smell at first was nothing like strawberries but more like herbal tea. So not bad at all but with the name Strawberry Twist I was expecting more than grandmas tea cupboard. At first glance not that many crystals on the plant and still with a boost back it was a very tight hard bud with orange hairs scattered around it. The burn was good at first and due to it being a bit dry it did burn fast but was very smooth, the smell of the herbal tea was accompanied by the taste of herbal tea. So I decided that this needs to be renamed right away and it would be perfect for grandmas cupboard. You will thank me later Nana.... This is not meant for pain relief, I think more for a relaxed and mellow afternoon while its raining or right before bed with a good book or a little Netflix and … well you know.

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